Pragati College Raipur

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Rules and Regulations


  1. Students are expected to behave themselves in a manner worthy of an educated Indian citizen.
  2. Students must maintain discipline in the college premises.
  3. Students shall not be allowed to interfere with orderly administration and discipline ofthe institution.
  4. Ragging of any sort is strictly forbidden in the college.
  5. No student or group of students shall be represented by anyone.
  6. In case of misbehavior the students can be suspended from the college by the Principal / College Management, which shall be final.
  7. No student will be allowed to collect any money as contribution from the students or any person without the prior sanction of the Principal.
  8. Students are expected to take proper care of the college property and to help in keeping the college premises neat and tidy. Damaging the property of the college, e.g. disfiguring walls, door fittings, etc. or breaking furniture etc. is a breach of discipline and will be severely punished / penalized.
  9. For withdrawing T.C., Railway concession from the college, the students shall have to submit application to the Principal and shall receive the desired documents after three days of submission of application.
  10. The University levies are subject to change.
  11. It is recommended that students should wear simple and unostentatious dress with college blazer that are suitable for academic environment. Student must carry their Identity Card issued by the college.
  12. The book issued from the library to the student of the college shall be returned within 15 days, failing which they shall be liable to pay a fine.
  13. Students shall be entitled to issue only two books from the college library at a time.
  14. Students are restricted to consume any toxic commodity. If found indulging in these, will be punished severely as per the rule.
Note: Management reserves the rights to change / amend and of the above mentioned rules regulations without prior notice.

Admission & Withdrawal

Admission may be granted only to those candidates, to a course of study who fulfill the requirement for admission laid down for the same.

  1. Every candidate is scrutinized by a selection committee and on its final consent gets admission in the college.
  2. Attached application form must be filled and submitted within the stipulated time (as per condition) with all the documents required.
  3. Parents / Guardians must accompany their wards at the ti me of interview.
  4. Fees once deposited atthe time of admission will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Examination & Promotions

  1. Examination will be conducted according to the rules and regulations laid by Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University / Kushabhau Thakre Patrakarita Avam Jansanchar Vishwavidyalaya.
  2. Candidate will not be allowed to change subject after passing Annual/Semester Examination.
  3. All the students must attend internal tests, failing which the student shall not be permitted to appear in the Annual/Semester Examination conducted by the University.